MerchSeeker Knowledge - Original Scripts: What Are They?

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A lot of people have asked us what makes "Original Scripts" special, so we this post is dedicated to explaining a little about the K-Drama Original Scripts that we stock in-store.


As you could probably tell from the name, scripts contain the lines and directions for each of the actors/characters in a particular scene of a drama. 


However there are "Original Scripts" and there are "Script Collections". Original Scripts are used during the production of the drama.


Printing Layout


The standard format in a Korean drama script used in production differs from a Hollywood script in that they are always printed in landscape format, though the text still is left-to-right and up-and-down.


The far left column contains stage directions in actions, such as cues for when dialogue is to begin. The far right column contains the dialogue and the character name in bold. Brackets contain any performance directions such as desired facial expressions and emotion in delivery.


In a Script Collection, the layout is re-arranged to a more common portrait print-style so that it more resembles a playscript, book or a western script but without the stage directions.


Printing Production Method


Original Scripts are produced per episode. This has several benefits in that dramas that begin airing while filming is still in progress, last-minute changes can be made to the script according to public opinion, and enhances security against possible spoilers.


Scripts are given to staff and actors according to whether they are involved in the production of the episode or not, meaning that the absolute minimum of people know the contents of any given episode. This means that only a small number of Original Scripts in our store were ever produced and always have had a previous owner.


In contrast, the Script Collections are produced for mass consumption by fans and for use in education. As such, they are made in compilations of only one or a few books, as opposed to one per episode.


The cover artwork is usually made with higher production values and the books are made in en masse just as any other published books.


Rarity and Value

As stated above, Original Scripts are always limited in number which makes them rare, and were actually used on set by staff and actors which further raises their value. It almost always takes an inside connection to be able to obtain the Original Scripts for the most popular dramas.


In addition, many scripts contain hand-written notes and memos made by the previous owners.





In short, the Original Scripts are the highly-valued scripts that are limited in number and are rare collectibles.


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