New rare merch in stock: "You Who Came From the Stars" and Eric Nam

Posted by John Yoo on


In the relaunch month of the store under the MerchSeeker banner, we're adding new items each week and this weekend, you can find a Promo CD copy of Eric Nam's "Melt My Heart" and something very, very special.


Catch the items when they go on sale on Saturday, April 21st.


You Who Came From The Stars (Original Script)

Please note that this item is NOT a consumer collectible. Original Scripts are produced for use by cast and staff for actual production.

Other sources may provide you with branded merchandise that is released for consumers as collectibles but those are not used in the real production, while Original Scripts are actual scripts used on set.


Eric Nam - Melt My Heart (Promo Only)

Eric Nam released his winter single and pre-release track “Melt My Heart” ahead of his scheduled album release on December 10th at noon KST.

“Melt My Heart” is a winter track that will give you a nostalgic feeling as you remember the good memories of your other half, confessing your love in a song. Eric Nam will make your heart flutter as he sings with a unique, yet sweet voice in this track.



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