What is a PROMO ONLY or NOT FOR SALE version of a CD?

"Not-For-Sale" and "Promo Only" CDs are different from regular CDs. Originally, these CDs are given only to other people in the industry such as music producers, executives, PDs of music and TV shows etc as gifts by the artist/agency.

As such, they are highly valued collector's items among the hardcore fans, and a must-have for rare album collections. Due to some dishonest collectors and sellers, we recommend that you only purchase these items from reputable dealers with connections to the Korean entertainment industry, or only purchase items that have a good combination of the below four ways:
  1. "NOT FOR SALE" or "PROMO ONLY" is physically printed on as part of the album (usually the back), sometimes over the barcode.
  2. Name and phone number of company executives is printed or stuck on with sticker on the album, usually marketing staff or schedule managers.
  3. Special holographic "비매" sticker issued by KOMCA with a unique ID code.
  4. "NOT FOR SALE" or "PROMO ONLY" sticker that was put on a regular album.

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